The day Mark Geyer made Paul Kent upchuck with a 'high and late' shot

This may shock no one, however Mark Geyer has a temper — and Paul Kent was once on an inappropriate part of the arrangement.

Talking on The Matty Johns Show digital broadcast, the Newscorp writer has reviewed the time he composed a segment about Geyer, and how the previous implementer looked for retribution while playing for Umina in 1994.

At the time, Kent was playing for Ourimbah, and both of them went head to head in an agonizing encounter, with troubling outcomes.

"It wasn't a handle, it was somewhat high, somewhat late and an elbow behind the ear," Kent said.

"I composed an anecdote about him. He was headed out of Balmain and Penrith were thinking about taking him."

Another writer thought Geyer ought to return to Penrith, however Kent said he ought to be made to play park football for a year as a token of the fact that he was so fortunate to play first grade.

The paper ran the two sections one next to the other, and Geyer didn't much like what Kent needed to state.

Unfortunately for Kent, Geyer had to play park footy — in his own opposition.

"Rather than going to Penrith, where I thought he was going to play, he went to Umina. I was playing at Ourimbah, we played them in about a month and a half," he said.

"So I shake up to the game on game day and all the Umina players are going: 'what have you done to MG, he's soiled at you'.
Mark Geyer, Sports News, The Matty Johns Show, Newscorp, John Allanson,

Imprint Geyer playing for Umina. Picture: Peter Clark

Imprint Geyer playing for Umina. Picture: Peter ClarkSource: News Limited

"Anyway, we run out, I'm playing fullback, I'm remaining back to get the ball from my front-rower, MG turns out, he has water trickling off him all over the place and he's glancing near lastly observes me remaining by the posts, and he goes: 'no doubt about it'."

Indeed, even Kent's front-rower, the man who should secure him, was terrified.
Mark Geyer, Sports News, The Matty Johns Show, Newscorp, John Allanson,

Cody Walker's ball kid child


"The entire game he's after me, he at long last gets me, gives me a clasp, a fight begins, when I get in the changing area I'm spewing from blackout," Kent says.

They were sent off, and back in the sheds it commences once more.

Kent's skipper Johnny Allanson had another go at MG, who was 'destroying' the dressing sheds nearby.

They met in the passage and traded a couple of decision words before all the 'old chaps' needed to pull them off one another.

Steve 'Blocker' Roach made a joke, however it could have a vein of truth to it.

"That is not a handle, that is strike!"

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