Investigate your schedule: It's the last palindrome seven day stretch of this century

Cheerful Palindrome Week!

A schedule eccentricity implies there's something unique about the 10 days.

Beginning Tuesday, the dates on the schedule look a similar whether you're perusing forward or in reverse. From Sept. 10 through Sept. 19, the dates are:
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For ten days beginning Tuesday, you're going to see that the dates on the schedule are going to appear to be identical forward and in reverse. It's Palindrome Week (OK, it's extremely a week-and-a-half).

9-10-19 (91019)

9-11-19 (91119)

9-12-19 (91219)

9-13-19 (91319)

9-14-19 (91419)

9-15-19 (91519)

9-16-19 (91619)

9-17-19 (91719)

9-18-19 (91819)

9-19-19 (91919)

As calls attention to, nonetheless, there's an imperfection in the recipe.

"For example, September 10, 2019 or 9-10-19 is just a palindromic date in the m-dd-yy group, yet it isn't on the off chance that you compose the date as mm-dd-yyyy (09-10-2019); as dd-mm-yyyy (10-09-2019) or as yyyy-mm-dd (2019-09-10)," the site said.

While the eccentricity is perfect, it isn't so uncommon. As indicated by TimeandDate, consistently since 2011 has had 10 back to back Palindrome Days.

"For whatever length of time that you compose your date in the m-dd-yy position, each century has 9 years with 10 Palindrome Days straight. These years are consistently in the second decade of the century. For instance, each year between 2011-2019, 2111-2119, and 2211-2219 will have 10 sequential Palindrome Days. This is valid for earlier hundreds of years too," the site said.

It gets trickier if your date is written in the mm-dd-yyyy position. All things considered, there are just 12 palindrome days in the whole 21st century, with the following one falling on February 2, 2020, or 02-02-2020.

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