A Hong Kong-based piece of clothing creator says it's accomplishing more than moving out of China in the midst of the exchange war

Assembly line laborers at TNG Dai Tu Factory in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam chip away at brand name pieces of clothing like Nike, Adidas and Converse. 

It's critical for organizations to be adaptable and to support one's wagers in the midst of the extended and erratic exchange war, as indicated by a Hong Kong-based piece of clothing producer.

For Lever Style, it is hoping to spread out its store network dangers, for example, as opposed to just moving its generation base out of China, says its official executive Stanley Szeto. 

"The activity is to keep on supporting our wagers; knowing (President Donald Trump), he could without much of a stretch one year from now choose to slap duties on Vietnam or they can do a ban on another person, " said Szeto, who is additionally administrator of the Textile Council of Hong Kong. 

"So the key is to be as adaptable and as spry as you can be," he told CNBC on Monday. "Unquestionably, we are taking a gander at significantly more nations to spread our geopolitical dangers and furthermore cost expansion." 

Switch Style used to make every one of its items in China 10 years prior however has since moved quite a bit of its generation out of the nation because of increasing expenses, said Szeto. Presently, the organization creates its items in nations, for example, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia. 

The U.S. what's more, China forced new duties on one another's merchandise on Sunday, escalating a long-drawn exchange debate between the world's two biggest economies. 

Switch Style is likewise attempting to change the manner in which it's overseen as an industrial facility, for example, by working with generation accomplices around the area as opposed to going only it, Szeto told CNBC. The organization's customers incorporate style names, for example, Coach and Paul Smith. 

"Before, individuals assemble processing plants and they take a long time to purchase the land, fabricate the office, enlist the individuals, (yet) presently we are making sense of how to get things done in a progressively adaptable way," said Szeto. 

In any case, piece of clothing assembling is work serious — one factor that could constrain the business' adaptability, as indicated by Szeto. 

"The more work serious things are, the harder it is to simply spread things around something over the top. We are continually assessing and seeing what's the best mix that gives us cost adequacy just as deftness," he said.